Monday, July 09, 2012

Two parks later, still oblivious

Today I was coming down the trail from Scenic point in the Two Medicine section of Glacier NP when 3 hikers below pointed to something. I turned mostly around, saw nothing, and continued walking, they pointed again, I assumed one was pointing something out to another of his party. Then he clearly said to me, "look to your right". I did. There was a big horn sheep about 10 feet away on the other side of a small thicket of dead trees just uphill. The ram was still and staring at me. I stopped and met its gaze. Then I slowly reached towards a pouch on my bag as I said to it soothingly, "I'm just getting my camera. Don't make me go for the bear spray"
Got some good shots (will upload when I get to a solid wi-fi area, or better yet a hard line)
When it stopped eyeballing me and went back to eating I walked past on the trail while keeping my trekking poles up and pointing towards it.
Hiked in the back-up used boots and even though I didn't blister or get foot pain, they felt unsupportive while decending so I got new ones.
Instead of driving 2hrs to the west side towns I made some phone calls and went to the Blackfeet trading post 40min east (everything here not in the park is Blackfeet reservation). The two brands of hiking boots were lacking. Wound up getting some well made workbooks that have a good welt,  six inch uppers, and no steel toe. Send positive energy that they don't shred my feet Saturday & Sunday.

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Bberci said...

It is getting to be the season for Ram's horns. Can't wait to see the photos thanks to your fellow hikers.