Saturday, July 14, 2012

'Banff' is the First Nations word for...

A) magnificent highland scenery
B) abundant humongous mosquitoes
C) awful Disney-esque mountain town
D) all of thee above

The pictures in the Photobucket link above are from the hike I did through Cory pass on July 14. Though only 8+ miles it took me 4h20m. It was strait up through an armada of mosquitoes (not my phrase, another hiker described them that way). It was one of those hikes were you don't want to stop moving no matter how tired you are because that's when they'll get you. At one point I almost welcomed a bear visit. I thought, "a nice 800 pound grizzly wound make a much better target than me. Yeah, skeeter would love bear meat. How can I get one to come round?"

The saving grace is that the 40 minutes of the hike with all the postcard views were also the most bug-free.

After the hike I stopped in the town of Banff on the way back to my room in the farther, cheaper Canmore. Holy crap on a stick. What an awful place. Banff the town is a simulacrum of people trying to effect a lifestyle. Whereas Canmore just feels like a town of people who like to ski,hike,and bike in mountains. Basically, any smallishtown that has a Tony Roma's, a lululemon, a bodyshop, and a Lush is awful until proven otherwise.

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Bberci said...

We loved Bannf. But then again, we were at the Fairmont with a spa from your best fantasies that looked on God's best scenery. While Lush is a negative factor in a town, you forgot to mention Benneton which has invaded every European town with more than 10000 people