Wednesday, July 04, 2012

I do not know the words to a single song

While hiking through bear country this morning, Glacier NP, I tried again to sing and make noise since I am by myself. And it's time to admit that in additional to having a terrible singing voice that I can't sing a single song all the way through. None of the Billy Joel from my angsty high school phase, none of the Peter Gabriel from my ongoing angry college phase, not even School House Rocks (I can sing all the Preamble but not the bits that frame it). Tried Adon Olam, the song that ends most Jewish services, but only got to the 2nd stanza. The best I can do is chortle the opening and closing themes to "Land of the Lost" (which are each 2 sentences)

Weird. Though my imprinting is failing, my recall of minutia from long ago is still usually pretty good.

Also, 2 months!


Jeff McGinley said...

Try "Lug Nuts" it fits the forest setting and most of the words arent important.

Bberci said...

I agree this is weird given that your mom has the lyrics to 4,782 songs (maybe more) in her brain. It is the reason i can't learn new phone numbers! Just hum.