Monday, July 09, 2012

Grizz and boots again


I saw a Grizzly. Ok, it doesn't really count since I was on a trail but still, there it was.
Spent Saturday night at the Granite Chalet. After arriving mid-aftenoon from the Many Glacier section by way of Swiftcurrent pass I was hanging out on the patio with many other guests taking in the fine view. A woman came rushing over from the picnic tables on the side of the Chalet and said there was a Grizzly behind the bathroom building. We all rushed to the edge of the patio and no further. She was correct, it was a juvenile Grizzly wandering about 100 feet away. It moved down the slope in no hurry and I managed to snap a few pictures.

 Hopefully that will be my only sighting: in great numbers, near a building, with many people having bear spray, and small children close by to push forward in a last resort.

The work boots worked well enough but now that I'm staying only 20 miles from a real sized town I went and got some Vasque Breeze Gtx's, the same boots in which I hiked the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim a few years back.
For those of you keeping track: the person who recently wrote that he was adopting the motto "Have less, Do more" has spent $280 on shoes in the last two months.

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