Monday, October 22, 2012

I wonder if there are uniforms

"Develop a cheese packaging organization capable of producing desired business results"

This may be may favorite job ad snippet so far. It's real and for the Tilamook creamery out by the coast. In 2006 on a road trip to a wedding in the Seattle area I stopped in for the tour and an an ice cream cone.

If I were to have this job, I would repeatedly speed dial "Wait, wait, don't tell me" every week.

As usual, confidence is 180 degrees out of phase with capabilities

Double thumbs!... then I proceeded to come in 10th out of 10. In general I think I can do something and find I'm woefully unprepared OR I think something is impossible and then I ace it. There very little middle ground when I evaluate a project/obstacle for the necessary skills/preparation, do the work, and fulfill expectations exactly.
As some past girlfriends have said: I'm all black and white. She said I needed to find my shades of gray... oh , I think I now know why she was tightening my tie so hard when she leveled that constructive criticism.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Loop de loop

Walked around inner Portland today
16 miles, one muffin, one bagel, one 12" pizza

Monday, October 01, 2012

Givin' muhself another month

I've now secured a sublet for the month of October in the St. John's section of Portland. It's not a share or a furnished basement in a home or anything like that. It's my place for 31 days.

So , no I haven't decided if I'm staying yet. It still hasn't rained and I still haven't had a local job interview despite applying to a few dozen relevant online ads and schmoozing about bid-ness on many Meetup hikes, paddles, happy hours and a couple of Yelp events.
Am giving myself two weeks to decide if I'm staying and then will use the balance of the month to action that decision.

Some "local"ness has seeped in:
  • While at Last Thursday at Alberta Arts (which is, one night a month, what insular quasi-religious 'real americans' think San Francisco is like 24/7) I randomly ran into someone I know, the guy from whom I'm subletting, and someone else mistook me for someone she knows (who is also named Scott).
  • I had brunch. Which is considered a blood sport here but I'm new so I went to a place that takes reservations instead of standing in line at Tasty'n'Sons or Screen Door or Pine State Biscuits
  • Went to the public show at the Portland Juggling Festival and recognized a Bay Area juggler.
  • Used a "Honey Bucket" (aka port-o-potty) at a Food Cart Pod.
  • Made fun of someone from across the river in Washington state.
  • Volunteered at the Ocean & Wave Energy Conference and saw the Governor, ex-Governor, and local Congresswoman speak.
Anyway, was kind of hoping to win the Powerball but that's beyond the 95% happiness threshold. Also thought one of you might have nominated me for a MacArthur Genius award in slacking but that didn't pan out either.

Am now open to visition (from those of you that know me)