Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Better than walking in a mall.. i guess

So after two days of ice cream and movies I decided to do a little local hiking in order to earn my pizza. Also the forecast is for high heat wed-fri so it made sense to designate mon and tues hiking days (2 off, 2 on, 3 off, resume normal trip activity)
Yesterday I went to Rattlesnake NRA just north of town (13 minutes) and this morning I went to Blue Mountain Rec Area just south of town (20 min)
5 hours of monotony at rattlesnake and 3 at Blue Mtn (I learned something and shortened the return)
Perhaps I'm spoiled from spending so much time in national parks but there was nothing interesting or challenging about these places. Maybe they're fun for bikers and rattlesnake might get better in the backpacking wildernesses section too far north to get to in a day hike. I hope so 'cause otherwise I don't want my tax dollars protecting them from development.
Perhaps I'll rent a bike tomorrow. There needs to be a good outdoors experience here in Missoula.

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Birdingal said...

Let's get cool jobs working with the National Park Service!