Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Maps are fun

For instance, if were to keep heading north after I visit Jasper national park next week, in a couple hundred miles I'd come to Sexsmith,Alberta. In a couple of days it'll be decision time about what to really do after Jasper. A: original plan, head westish to the B.C. coast. Maybe take a kayak trip to see orcas (grizzlies of the sea!) See cascades NP and Ranier. Work my way towards Portland and try it out for a month as a possible landing spot B: peal south on the east side of the rockies to hit everything in the parks I've already visited that were covered in snow and/or bears when I went through. Ex: the most popular trail in Kootenay NP right here in Canada is closed, the highline in glacier was closed for snow, heart lake in Yellowstone for bears; both outlets from cascade canyon in the Tetons snow covered, mt ida and longs peak in Colorado, etc. Then head west towards Portland C: take a break from traveling and spend august in Bozeman or Missoula,MT (college towns) D: go abroad starting in sept (which requires some time not traveling in north america so I can plan) E: the free juggling festival in Sioux falls in august F: Obama campaign somewhere in the mountain or pacific time zones if I can do something other than cold call 8hrs a day G: some quality time on 's couch H: did you see that unfunny HBO comedy "Hung" ? I: get a job generating options J: Head for Mexico K: return to the bay area with a lot of great pictures, rent an apartment, lock myself in it till the money runs out, hope for the best.

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