Saturday, July 21, 2012

This is because I don't experience night, isn't it?

I stayed at the Northern RV and Yurt Village last night. It's at the southwest corner of Glacier NP and I staying in a cabin here about two weeks ago. This time I slept in a tiny yurt, which is cheap. Both the cabins and yurts are bring your own bedding. Which is no problem since I have a silk sleep sack, a sleeping bag, and a regular pillow with me. For some reason I decided to just go with pillow and sleep sack last night. Around midnight I was cold and had to pee so I went out to get the sleeping bag. Not used to manuevering in anything less than bright daylight, I banged my shin very hard into one of the rocks lining the edge of the parking area. That's right, I have, for months, marched all up and down a mountain range named for rocks with only a small elbow boo-boo to show for it and I bash myself in a parking lot.
Good thing today's plans calls for pizza and "Dark Knight Rises" instead of summiting something.

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