Sunday, July 01, 2012

Getting used to things

There are several intersections here in Helena that have neither stop signs nor traffic lights. They're not T-junctions or round-abouts or single-lane one-ways either. They're like nordstroms (or is it Neiman Marcus) with the employee hand book, "We trust you to act with your best judgement at all times". Or maybe D.O.T. ran out of money

Saw a sign in front of an sportsman shop, "SALE: bug spray $5, bear spray $29" and I thought, "that's a really good price for bear spray". It's high 40s to low 50s most places I've seen. Was just kind of surprised that I'd developed an opinion. Not sure I'd actually buy cheap stuff though. It's the one way bear spray is like condoms

There are two kinds of hotels out here: those with lids on the toilets and those with the 'U' seats.

Yet another person upon hearing about my trip referred to it as an "adventure".

Am thinking about writing a book called "the no kitchen diet"
I've only used the camp stove the first two nights in Death valley. Had kitchen access for a total of 7 other nights ,in ski condos & yurts,and coffee maker / hot water access for a couple more.
Am down about 7 or 8 pounds. Of course, that could be the 1000 to 2500 calorie burn I do 5 days a week.
Still, it's a possible monetization.

Bozeman felt different from places in Colorado like Steamboat Springs and Durango because a good chunk of the population in those semi-resorts seemed like lawyers who read Sunset Magazine.

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Bberci said...

Amazing that you are only down 7 or 8 pounds with that much hiking and so little real cooking and eating. Forget a diet book based on this formula. Cost benefit ratio too low.