Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New boots and the idea of Grizz

Both the guide book and the ranger said it's 6 miles from the trailhead to the Huckleberry Mountain lookout tower. I made it up in 1h54m. Of course, both ranger and book described the area as "densely populated with grizzly bears". So it may have been a matter of motivation that sped my pace.

Also, having real hiking boots helped. At first the left seemed tight but then it settled in and it was like walking on old friends.

To ward off wildlife encounters I set my watch countdown timer to 1 minute repeat to remind me to make noise. Sometimes I let loose my much improved bear whoop, sometimes a movie line ("gentlemen, you can't fight in here. This is the war room!"), sometimes a piece of stand-up ("slam it,jam it, ram it, cram it, Willie the one-eyed wonder worm!" - Carlin), sometimes I threaten the bears. Anyway, they stayed out of sight.

End of glacier national park... for now. There's a chance i'll return in 10 days if the Highline trail opens in lieu of heading west towards the pacific coast of B.C.

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