Friday, July 20, 2012

Into the mouths of babes

Overheard at the self-serve soft ice cream machine in the back of the Swiftcurrent campstore -

Mother: ok honey, they have vanilla, huckleberry, and swirl.

Daughter: squirrel?


Heard on the radio while trying to find something to listen to in the northern Montana,  "...that's got to be a record, getting a muddy hog off the ground and putting its rear into the barrel in just 4 seconds "
It was some kind of rodeo commentary and not Dan Savage

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Jeff McGinley said...

Today, my daughter told me her Aunt had "Rabbi" at a restaurant known for various game. I asked if it was rabbit, but she insisted it was Rabbi. After some more question she said, "It was some kind of beef"

"Rib eye?" I asked.

"Could be" she replied.