Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Truisms, sayings, neologisms, & one-liners

"I'm homefree not homeless" - adapted from river guide Avery

"Nature or neuter" - from a discussion of whether MIT women are like 'that' when they enter college or whether the school does it to them. (This is a test to see if any of them are reading)

From a theoretical conversation that only took place in my head,
Young hottie: how old *are* you?
Me: old enough to have learned a few things; young enough to still be able to apply the knowledge.

Just because someone thinks a lot doesn't mean he's smart. It just means he's indecisive.  A smart person would think on a matter, settle it, then either act on the conclusion or (file the resolution away in his knowledge -base and move on to the next item of thinking or enter a temporary bliss unburdened by rumination)

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