Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day3: Don't waste your time at Lake Isabella

It's an ugly dead reservoir. Maybe all the pictures I see on water sports sites are about the Kern river itself. Had planned to spend part of an afternoon here renting a kayak and paddling around. Instead I stopped for long enough to confirm the lack of spirit and energy of the location, then I drove through to Ridgecrest and saw "The Avengers".
Camped at Wildrose campground in Death Valley.

 Nice remote site that still has water. Put the rainfly on the tent between sunset and sundown because I thought it might get cold (4000ft elv). What it got was windy. They never taught us proper fly-tautness in the Philadelphia public school system and I've always been lousy at it. Had to get out at 1am to fixed a flapping flap. Then again at 4am to just roll it up and fasten it directly to a tent-poll. Cool part was there enough light from the 3/4 SuperMoon to do that without a headlamp

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