Thursday, May 17, 2012

I freaked out a european

I smelled a cig. Opened the motel door. Saw him and said, "please don't smoke outside my room"
He was stunned. He paused then replied in a continental accent , " I have never heard of such a thing but ok."
This motel is all non-smoking rooms. He's got some culture shock going. This is one thing about America indisputably better than yup: we've established a dominant anti-smoking culture

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Mad Hattrix said...

Too funny, those Europeans! Perhaps he had not seen the picture of a cigarette with the international sign for NO in his room, either.

I turn towards people who are smoking in general, but especially huddled in front of business doors - not the prerequisite 25 feet as required by law - and cough/hack at them. Perhaps that's an evolved version of my PA Dutch shunning tradition. "I don't mind if you kill yourself or suffer painfully with COPD and have to carry an oxygen tank instead of a purse around wherever you go - just don't kill me with your nasty carcinogen sticks. Enjoy your remaining days!" And I smile.

What's worse is when you're walking behind someone who's smoking and the sidewalk is too narrow to get upwind of them. Cue the hacking!