Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 2 - Overdoing Pinnacles

Ok, I'll just hike for 4 hours or so, go to high peaks

, convince some kids that one of the hawks is a condor,.. maybe if I feel good I'll hump over to the reservoir and stand under the big talus and feel lucky.

OR I can nearly wipe myself out by doing three ascents instead of one or two. There's that peak in the south that NO ONE I know has ever visited....
So I hiked 6.5 hrs on the first day. Saw some familiar sights and some new; but it was a stupid expenditure of energy and finite knee wear. (Two late-50s Midwestern dudes, upon seeing my trekking poles 'quipped' at me ,"hey did you forget your skis?")

Movin  south

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