Saturday, June 23, 2012


I drove 22 miles to a trail this morning and didn't do the hike because the sign said it was a "Bear frequented" area. There was also a handwritten annotation, "Almost Daily - NPS"

One person walked past me and started up. Another pair came down finishing their early hike and reported no bears. I walked back to my car.

Am deep inside my own head again.
Wish the scare tactic signs would distinguish between black bear and grizzly.

Saw a huge bison eating grass by the side of the road. Same area of the park where I almost collided with a bison *in* the road 20 years ago.

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Bberci said...

If you only had one day to hike this month, then maybe the bear risk would have merit, but since you have 90 days to hike and camp and do other "natural" things neither your sister nor mother would engage in, just skip the bears.