Monday, June 04, 2012

One month

On the road a month today. Only 5 nights camping. It's just too high here. Every night is still cold and there are  thunderclouds every afternoon.
Probably have lost weight but there are no scales at places like "H&H motor lodge"

What have I learned so far? They grow beans in southeast Utah; there is some kind of junk food tax in Colorado ; Colorado has its own style of pizza that involves honey; I can sleep well despite not knowing what im doing or where im sleeping the next day as long as I burn 2000 calories hiking; I still don't like bars or people who drive large trucks with tinted windows; a lot of people like to fish.

I've skipped a bit in the blog. Still have to go back and talk about yurts.

Today hiked 15.5 miles with 2500ft elevation change maxing at 10,800
Yesterday's hike of about 10 miles started at 10,600 feet and went up.

Am in Granby,CO staying at a ski condo place for a few days

Thinking of trying waterskiing next week at steamboat lake.

No place has felt like home yet. But I don't expect anyplace to make that impression. I don't believe in home-at-first-sight

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