Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back on the road

The wandering was suspended for 6 days in order to fly to the east coast and be with family. An extended family member is on his deathbed and I wanted to see him and support those in his day-to-day unit.
I cancelled a couple of nights in a walk-in yurt in a Colorado state park and a couple of nights in a cabin in a national forest in southern Wyoming ; back tracked 3.5hrs to Denver airport and flew to nyc. When I returned I drove 4hrs to rawlins,wy and the next morning another 4.5hrs to get to Grand Teton national park on schedule.
The teton's are beautiful and the park has a good array of services without feeling too over-developed.
Bought bear spray on the way in Laramie but there's a wide assortment at good prices here at coulter bay general store.
Did an easy 3.5hr 9.5mile walk on trails next to Jackson lake this afternoon to get reacclimated to altitude. No respiratory problems. Though adjusting to carrying the bear spray will take a few outings. (some of you may be thinking, "but scott, if anyone should be used to having a 9 inch steel hard cylinder swing about the hips, it's you". It's true... I used to win bar bets doing a hula while activating small belt-hung fire extinguishers to the rhythm of "inn a gada da vita" but that was a long time ago when I didn't respect myself)
Having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things. Could be the transition from the density of NYC to desolation of southern and central Wyoming. Could be the altitude. Could be the social change: seeing a family pull together in crisis, going to two school functions where the parents all know each other, brushing next to the neighborhood where my father knows his neighbors and goes to my step-nephew's graduation just 2 miles from his home.... To being alone again in my car with a bunch of podcasts (you're never alone if you've got Dan Savage in your ear advising on how to tell your special someone that you need to be suspended from the ceiling by your ankles to be sexually satisfied)
Don't get me wrong, I'm still essentially a loner but my visits to family aren't usually so very "family oriented" and my return isn't usually to a home-free environment so the differential is much greater.
Wednesday I'm going to take the shuttle boat across jenny lake and hike cascade canyon to the snow line. Then maybe kayak on Jenny.
Thursday.. I wouldn't consider it unless the ranger suggested it but I might try Death Canyon. She says its beautiful and doesn't have much snow.

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