Thursday, June 07, 2012

Reflections on Grand Lake

Went kayaking on Grand Lake this morning.
Very pretty and glassy. Whenever I paddle in a place like this and see the waterfront homes it reminds me that the though I am by no means poor, that wealth is an asymmetrical distribution. That is, the mean is much higher than the median (the lower bound is zero, but the upper bound just keeps on going)
One of the houses in the channel is for sale and has a large QR code on its dock. Welcome to 2012
Finally, though I've been seeing it for nearly two weeks, this morning it really hit home just how devastated the forests are here by the pine beetle. About half of all the trees are dead. Some this is cyclical and some is enhanced by global warming (the larvae aren't killed off in winter because of unusually mild winters)

I sound like a bummer but the paddling was really great.

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