Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Portland observations

Doors on stores on Alberta street have signs that say on one side "Open" and on the other side "Shut"

There is a suicide counseling hotline sign at the entrance onto the Hawthorne street bridge. The walkway is not even 50 feet above a fairly calm river.( it's 49 feet, I checked). One would have to be drunk, jump head first, and not know how to swim to kill oneself off this bridge. There aren't even any pilings to hit on the way down. Maybe the distraught of the northwest wait for a ship with spikey bits to pass underneath before hurling?

If a place serves breakfast they serve biscuits and gravy. Perhaps a hold over from the timber centric days

Not a lot of tall men. I feel tall here.

I've yet to encounter a rude service person. Weed be good I guess.

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