Friday, April 20, 2012

Travel Tech Talk

So Chris J, who runs a hiking group I frequent, came up with the solution to: how to get pictures from my point-and-shoot onto the interwebs with just a smartphone and no laptop with me. Buy a microSD with an SD card adapter, put that in the point-and-shoot, transfer the microSD card into the smartphone and upload via 3G or Wi-Fi.

It works. Also, it's cheap. With Amazon Prime I got a 16GB card with the adapter delivered for $11. That's over 3500 pictures at my camera's highest resolution; about 30 pictures a day for a 4 month trip without having to delete. Louis CK is right, "Everything's amazing and nobody is happy"

It's not the most elegant system for the camping days as the transfer with grimy, sweaty, or cold fingers might not be easy. But I don't have to take any cables or hunt for internet cafes. The one thing missing: auto-downsizing. I'd like to be able to take and store pics in 10M or 6M but upload to Blogger in a much lower res/smaller file.  I'll play with the software after I'm done cleaning the above mess.

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