Friday, March 22, 2013

Things I love about Portland

Striving for %100 positivity here

  • I have a west facing high window and can watch the sunset every clear night
  • Vegetarianism coexists next to a "Let's eat that entire pig or better yet a goat" culture
  • Fred Myers , the local hyper-market that backstops every other shop (if they don't have it at X, I can always get it or something like it at Freddie's)
  • They put hazelnuts in everything where it makes sense.
  • In addition to the OPEN/SHUT signs that are ubiquitous on business doors, I saw one where the "N" was cut off an extra "OPEN" sign and appended to the front to read "NOPE"
  • The cyclists aren't as aggressive as the SF area
  • Now that it's Spring I can see that there are a lot of cherry trees.
  • Everyone likes that they're here but no one says stuff like "It's the best place on Earth" like I've heard in SF and NYC
  • Sophie Soong doing the weather.,and interviewing
  • Most street parking is unmetered and that portion that is is only $1.60/hr (takes coins and cards)
  • No sales tax. I like this more for not having to do math on a full stomach than for saving the 9.75% to 10.5%
  • It's seems equally acceptable to be a hipster, to make fun of hipsters, or to make fun of people making fun of hipsters
  • Every place that sells food seems like it will sell it to you on a house made biscuit as well.
  • Damian Lillard, gonna be NBA Rook of the year
  • There is a place not to far from me with Skee-ball

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